We all have to plan events in our life. Sometimes it is a surprise birthday party or a baby shower, other times it is a wedding or retirement. There are some industry things that you should consider when planning any type of event.

1. know your budget. Whenever you are planning a major event you need to have a budget. It really will help you to choose the best place to hold your Event.

2. Know how many people are expected to attend. 

3. know what type of food you want to serve. There are many types of events from cocktail food to sit down dinners. This will be determined by your budget and number of people who are expected to attend.

4. Never expect a guest to take pictures, hire a photographer. You will appreciate the quality pictures when the Event is over.

5. Hire an Event planner if one does not come with the Venue that you choose. An event planner is knowledgeable in all aspects of your event. They are there to make your life smoother and help you pick the right people to do the right job. In the end they will save you money and frustration.

So as the holidays approach and you are planning those party's keep these things in mind. I hope these tips make your party planning go smooth.