Did you know in the Unites States to be called Organic it only needs to contain 10% Organic Ingredients. This is so far removed from all other countries in the world. If you call your product Organic then it should be just that Organic. 

In Europe all European countries follow the same standards for Organic. They require you to be 99.9% Organic products. They also require all Organic products be raised in an Organic environment. What does this mean: it means that the Fruits and Vegetables or herbs are grown in an area that is no closer then 100 miles to a farm that sprays pesticides. For this reason they can call their products Organic. 

When you purchase a product at a Health Food Store that says it's Organic, is it truely? Read all the ingredients if you can not pronounce a word it probably isn't Organic. This is just a rule to follow, if you can't eat it don't use it on your Skin. 

There are several great products out in the Salon and Spa industry that are truely Organic. If that is what you desire then try Eminence Organics from Hungary they are truely Organic.